Endangered Pixel

Canon AH A1

Tuesday October 02, 2007 10:54PM

Video captured during the daylight is amazing. The camcorder records 1080i (well a slightly different spec) and has plenty of controls. Outputs include HDV/DV, component, and composite.

My previous camcorder was a single CCD Sony DCR PC9. Although it was easy to carry, the picture left something to be desired. I was already in the Canon camp with my Pro 90IS, 20D, and i9900. I figured why not make my first 3CCD purchase a canon also.

Attaching the camcorder to the TV for playback is stunning. I have not been able to get the same quality when capturing and authoring videos on the PC. I have downloaded WMV HD footage shot on the A1 that looks great. Unfortunately my mastery of premier is the limitation. I will upload some sample footage as soon as I am able to create videos with a consistent quality.

Available from Canon USA


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