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Sharp LC42D72U

Wednesday October 03, 2007 12:47PM

My wife and made the Sharp Aquos LC42D72U our first TV purchase a last month. We had considered purchasing a flat panel TV last year, but remained unimpressed by the quality. My main sticking points were resolution and response time.

The Sharp boasts 1080p resolution (Still less than a PC LCD) and a 4ms response time. Since out purchase, we have watched hours of 1080p content (via laptop+DVI) and I often use the TV as a monitor when I am coding. Even many of the near TrueHD content is stunning.

Cable and DVD are acceptable. The DVD picture looks better when watching via the laptop and DVI. We rarely watch cable TV, so no complaints there. Games look great, although my laptop video card struggles with 1080 resolution. Coupled with a wireless keyboard, my wife and I can watch multiple internet TV sources and surf from the comfort of our bed.

Sharp Aquos TVs


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